Heat Transfer Solutions for Plastics, Brewery, EDM, and General Industry.

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- Circulation Units provide 
  Temperature Stabilized Fluid.

- Water Units to 300 deg. f.

- Oil Units to 500 deg. f.

Portable Chillers
Air and Water Cooled

- 1/4 - 40 Tons of capacity. 

- Air-Cooled and
  Water-Cooled Models.

- Process Fluid Temperatures 
   from 20 deg. f. to 70 deg. f

- 5 to 180 Tons of Capacity.

- Air and Water-Cooled Models

- Packaged Chillers with Pump
  Tank Sets or Independent
  Chilling Modules and Tanks.

  Central Chillers
 Air and Water Cooled

  Brewery Glycol

- Outdoor Fully Packaged Central Chillers.

- 5 to 210-Ton Capacity.

- Single and Multi-Zone

- 1 to 210 Ton Capacity

- Designed for Breweries.

- Designed for 25 deg.f. 
  Process Fluid Supply.

- Air-Cooled Portable Chillers. 

- Supplied With or   
  Without a Process Pump.

- 1 to 2-Ton Standard Units.

  Pump Tank Sets and Resevoirs


- Mild Steel, Polyethylene, 
  and Stainless Steel 
  Reservoirs to 5,000 

- Chilled Water and Tower 

- Single Pump or Multiple   
   Pump Designs.

Evaporative Cooling Towers

- Evaporative Cooling for
  Fluids from 70 deg. f. to 
  100 deg. f.

- Non-ferrous Design.

- 45 to 540-Tons.

- Full Flow or Side Stream.

- Sizes from 5 gpm to
  2,000 gpm.

- Automatic Flush and
  Pressure Drop Alarm.

Full Flow Strainer Filters

Outdoor Packaged
Central Chillers

Portable and Central 
Chiller Rentals

Fluid Coolers

- Provides " Free Cooling"
  in Low Ambient Conditions. 

- Used in Direct Cooling or
  Heat Exchanger Cooling

- Unlimited Sizes.

Design and System Installation

- Portable Indoor Chillers.

- Outdoor Central Chillers.

- Skid Mounted and Trailer 

- System Design. 

- Turnkey Installation.

- Mechanical, Electrical, and
  Start up.

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Phone: 847.427.0414

- N egative pressure 
  units work with your central
  plant chilled or tower water to
  covert positive pressure from
  these systems to negative
  pressure within the cooling
  channels of the mold.

- EvapSide Stream Process
  Water Filtration.

- 5, 10, 25, and 50 micron.

- Flow Rates up to 600 GPM.

- Optional Pump.

- Heat Exchangers for Closed 
  Loop Process Water Applications.

- Plate heat exchangers isolate 
  Tower Water from the water in
  contact with your processing
  equipment to keep your 
  processing equipment clean
  and maintenance to a   

Negative Pressure Unit

Side Stream Bag Filtration

Heat Exchangers